Congratulations, you've discovered the greatest invention since alcohol that helps guys score with the ladies.

Introducing the TickleSeat


Saves you loads of money

Typical Date without the TICKLESEAT

Bottle of Wine
Romantic Dinner
Night Out
Total $195 - $330 OUCH!!

Now that you've emptied your wallet and tapped into your rent money... at least it's time to SCORE right???

Here is a hotness to date ratio chart. Where do you fall?
How many dates until you SCORE?
  • 1 Date
  • Hot Guy
    1-2 Dates
  • Alright Looking Guy
    3-5 Dates
  • Needs a Little Work
    6-10 Dates
  • At Least I'am Fun to Hang Out With
    Friend Zone Good Luck!

Guys have been spending THOUSANDS to get out of the friend zone and into scoring position.
...And after all that money, better not choke and miss the game winning shot!

Plus, once the game’s finished, it’s time to start all over again with someone else. No wonder the rich guys get the ladies. It’s all a numbers game. Luckily, for the rest of us, we have the TICKLESEAT!
It’s $149.99 and reusable. The money guys would save might get our country out of the recession!

Get one now, it’s the patriotic thing to do!


The TICKLESEAT gets you out of the FRIEND ZONE faster than you can say "Kim,Khloe,and Kourtney."

Why waste your time pretending to like food you hate, music can't stand, and tv shows that make you want to hang yourself only to fall deeper and deeper into the FRIEND ZONE.!!

Don't hang yourself! The world needs you. Get a TICKLESEAT instead.

It's proven that the more dates you go on without scoring, the closer you are getting to the FRIEND ZONE.
That's fine if you're looking for nights of watching the Kardashians or playing Monopoly.

But if you're reading this... you want to SCORE!

Helps those IN NEED

Let’s face it. Not all guys were born with GAME. For a lot of us, it’s not always easy to SCORE with the ladies. Sometimes it’s like being a midget and playing in the NBA. REJECTED!!! Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The TICKLESEAT evens the playing field. Now you don’t have to rely on GAME to get the girls ready to play. Let TICKLESEAT do the heavy lifting, and get ready to SCORE.

Note: If you are a guy that’s GOT GAME, the TICKLESEAT will make it that much easier. This should be illegal, but it’s not, so take advantage and get one now before it is.

saves marriages liKE AAA

Sometimes after years.. or days of marriage, the relationship gets a bit on the nippy side and getting the ol’ engine revved up becomes a daunting task. When you’re out in the cold and your car won’t start, AAA is there to help.
Like our friends in the shiny tow trucks, we can jump start that engine in a snap! She may be bored of you, but science never fails. You’ll be back on track in no time!

will make you famous

Once you are a TICKLESEAT MASTER, share your TICKLESEAT stories, pictures and videos with us and we’ll post them all over the internet. You’ll be treated like a GOD and be warned, you may have to fight off the ladies.

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The TICKLESEAT utilizes scientifically positioned stimulation points that increase regional cerebral blood floow (rCBF) in the left secondary and right dorsal primary somatosensory cortex (A) and decrease (rCBF) in the left lateral orbitofrontal cortex (B). This decrease is associated with behavioural dis inhibition. (click here to see report written by much smarter people than us).

Sounds confusion but what does this means? it means TICKLESEAT is the greatest WINGMAN you could ever have! it scientifically gets women in the mood to play, and potentially causes them to make much more impulsive, less thoughtful decisions then usual. Score. Now the odds of making the game winning play has just gone up in your favour.




Plug in to wall or car outlet - yes is works in your car too! Genius.


Invite your date to try out the TICKLESEAT. Don't forget to call it the TICKLESEAT. We strategically named it something cute and non-threatening to improve it's success rate. The name gets them "curoius".


Flip the switch and see what happens.


She may be surprised by the feeling at first, but encourage your date to stay on as long as she can.


Say goodbye to the FRIENDZONE and get ready to make your move.


Say goodbye to the friend-zone and get ready to SCORE!*

$149.99 + Free Shipping



Tickleseat Video

Tickleseat Video

Tickleseat Video